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Heavy Metal Marketing: Your Minneapolis SEO Company

For many businesses today, their online presence is their only presence. Your online presence is your digital storefrontwhere customers can reach you and stay in touch.

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We are a Minneapolis SEO Company that also specializes in PPC and web development. Our boutique digital marketing agency focuses on the results you care about. We achieve them through proven strategies artfully crafted to meet your marketing and business goals.

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Our Mission? Democratize the power of online marketing

SEO campaigns can be very difficult to properly implement and execute, especially for businesses with limited resources. At times, it can be greatly challenging, but winning under tough circumstances only makes the victory that much more rewarding. Our Minneapolis SEO company has seen the power of search engine optimization and holistic digital marketing, as well as its potential to empower and grow a business. 

Heavy Metal Marketing wants to harness that power for the passionate people behind businesses that help shape our community.  

While our team of SEOs and digital marketers have experience consulting and managing for industry leaders and some of the web’s largest sites, our soft spot is for small- and medium-sized businesses. Not only do we love working for local businesses, but we’ve had some of our greatest successes with SMB campaigns. Becoming the digital marketing extension for a business allows us to build a relationship and take ownership of all the moving parts. 

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Local businesses are at the heart of our Minneapolis SEO Company. Without them and their passions, we’d have nothing to amplify or optimize. Without them, we’re nothing.

We’ve created a space to highlight the businesses we love. Join us:

Digital Marketing That’s Pure Gold

We are “worker bees” that love making pure, golden “honey”. We’re digital marketers that hunt for the veins of online gold and mine them for success.

Since digital marketing has come to comprise the largest part of the marketing ecosystem, it’s crucial we invest into learning each of our clients’ industry, find unused opportunities, and capitalize on our findings.

With services like SEO, anyone can crack the top 100. It takes near-perfection to crack the top 5; It takes Pure Gold to grab that coveted first search result.

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